Company Profile

Company Profile


We are a consortium of Geoscience Professionals, Hardware and Software Professionals and Industry Consultants who know how to run a progressive Geoscience Consultancy. We understand that in order to meet the industry's demand for specialized Geoscience and IT consulting expertise and accommodate a company's ever-shrinking support budget a support consultancy needs to operate by the by the same rules.


We provide highly experienced Professional Geoscience and Support services to the Geoscience industry at rates that are both fair and competitive. Our Support Consultants are highly trained individuals recruited from major software vendors and industry alike, and understand the importance of providing value to their clients. As a company, we don’t carry large corporate overheads, so you don’t have to either. We also develop a petrotechnical data management software to provide an adequate solution in the market.


As global markets open up and competition grows, Energy Technology Companies need to be increasingly creative about how and with whom they align themselves to go to the market. At ALT, we understand that teaming up with others adds complementary resources and capabilities which enable us to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently. Particularly in the technological sector, we rely heavily on our alliances to extend our technical and operational resources. In the process, we can offer breadth of expertise and innovation to our valued clients.