Tape Transcription

ALT is the industry leader for tape transcription and remastering services for exploration data. We have the largest capacity and capability of reading and recovering data from any magnetic media or disk ever used throughout the industry’s history of recording seismic data.

We’ve been transcribing and managing exploration data for over 10 years.We can recover, transcribe and remaster your valuable but aging data archives to current industry standard high density media technology – such as 3592 which is the current standard in the O&G industry, preserving it from data decay or data loss and ensuring it accessible now and into the future for further processing and interpretation, or commercial transactions.

  • PT ALT has the ability to read nearly any type of magnetic media, including the data types below:
    • 9 track reel tape
    • 21 track reel tape
    • 3480 cartridge tape
    • 3490 and 3490E cartridge tape
    • 3590, 3590B, 3590E, 3590H cartridge tape
    • 3592 cartridge tape
    • VHS cassette tape
    • DLT cartridge tape
    • Super DLT (SDLT) cartridge tape
    • Exabyte 8mm cartridge tape
    • DAT 4mm cartridge tape
    • LTO cartridge tape
    • Floppy Diskette
    • Magnus 2.0
  • We have ability to do the seismic data conversion (SEG-A, SEG-B, SEG-D, SEG-Y) and also banking data AS400 backup format. For other service type, PT ALT also providing both equipment and technical staff to suite your every need, conversion and preservation from paper to digital data.
  • We have wide document scanners which allow us to scan seismic paper sections, sepias and films which are output as a TIFF image. Upon request, these scans can be used for conversion back to digital data.

  • Scanning well log in continuous form format, document (up to A0 size) in color/BW