Behind the Scene of Development Field? Why Data management is required? Featured

Tri Wuri Asri Sulistyoati


Integrated workflow between geologist, reservoir engineer, and production engineer are mainly conducted for mapping, modeling and reservoir characterization review. Those are required to understanding reservoir potential and production strategy. Reservoir characterization with multi-layer reservoir in fluvio-deltaic depositional environment is classified by the zone depositional. The integrations require many kind of data to approach the best technique in business process for oil and gas development field.

For study case, geological mapping in fluvio-deltaic depositional environment exhibits different kind of zone deposition vertically. Each zone has different value of gross sand, net sand, and net pay (oil or gas). Those are captured to create the geological mapping. As a development field case, whereas has more than 800 wells. The availability of data is required for geologist to propose new well, update mapping, modeling, helping reservoir engineer to calculate the reserves, also oil and gas production report. Maximizing the daily production, old wells which have been drilled still can be perforated by analyzing the value of permeability, water saturation, and volume of clay. These data are provided by data management, integrated with geological feature of mapping, static, and dynamic modeling by each zones. These considerations were reliable to make an application system that can be used by all users.

The methods are expected to enable geologist optimizing and ease their work to do correlation for mapping. Many data are required to apply the implementation of workflow including the well logs data, directional survey, seismic, and data from the field.  The selective procedures are proposed to develop data management in order to manage the workflow of each users (geologist, reservoir engineer, and production engineer). It provides them to maintain the production, propose new well, calculate the reserves, and zone perforations candidate which become a guideline of daily business process.

Collaboration and modification workflow of geologist, reservoir engineer, and production engineer are applied to elaborate the business process of the oil and gas industries. By this consideration, data management is required so all users can access the database. It help them to collect and analyze the data. That is why most of the time, data management team usually works behind the scene. They are providing the data and storing into database, helping their users to maintain daily workflow, and also solving the problems.